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Tahoe Family Portraits

Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe Family Photographer

Unique Family Photos 

For Families who are tired of overly-posed, awkward Family photos

We capture photographs of your Family that are Real, Genuine, and Fun!


Kids grow up quick!

Your Brand new baby will turn into a full fledged adult faster than you think.


Of course you want to get photographs of them along the way, but why not make it fun? Instead of getting photographs of the kids saying cheese, why not capture their personality?


Photograph a genuine smile and get a picture of who they are,

Not just how they looked.


When your little baby is all grown up, you deserve to look at a photograph of them from back in the day and be flooded with all the little memories of them growing up.

The faces they made, the little look they give you when you go in for a kiss, even the way they say, "Mama".

I'm here to make you a promise.

in ten or fifteen years, when you look back on these Family photos, You'll be overwhelmed with the memories of the day you shot with us.


You might even have a little happy cry when you remember how your 1 year old would get a big grin every time they saw a dog, or how your 5 year old was pronouncing words just a little funny.

So stop getting forced smiles, and overly posed family photos every year. Let your whole family be themselves. Embrace your quirks, and let's take some photos that not only look amazing, but also stand out from last years!

Already Know you want AMAZING Family Portraits?

Contact us below and we can start planning your session!

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